Integrated Development Enviroment

  • Restful API service for all kind of requirements
  • Remote code execution via Javascript
  • Use Nodejs Package Manager for extending application
  • Embeded visual code editor
  • API based user authorization
  • Extendible parameter support
  • Auto generate access codes for clients
  • Runtime application update without stopping running system

Embedded SQL Editor for All Requirements

  • Support Oracle, Mysql, Mssql, Postgresql and Sqlite
  • Embedded sql editor and support intellisense
  • Table and View viewer
  • Save and load mostly used queries
  • Format Sql queries
  • System supports all CRUD operations

Powered By Javascript and NodeJS

Develop API with Javascript and use NodeJS's flexible features at backend.

Works Over Firewall

You do not need to make any changes to the firewall. Everything works as it should be.

Speed Up Development

Creating a new Rest API is very quick and simple. Only you need to click some buttons.

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